southbound food - take 2

if you haven't heard about southbound food, then you definitely haven't been following me on twitter. and you probably weren't at the listening party this evening at anvil bar & refuge.

southbound food is the new local food radio talk show hosted by bryan caswell of REEF and little bigs and sports talk show host, lance zierlein on 1560 AM the game. bryan caswell, recently awarded the 2009 best new chef award by food and wine magazine and given his own official houston holiday ( july 21st now goes down in h-town history as bryan caswell day), can seem to do no wrong these days. the show has started with great personalities and momentum and is truly entertaining, albeit a tad racy, and definitely hilarious.

the first test show aired last weekend with special guests, jonathan jones from beavers and mark musatto from airline seafood. this week jonathan jones returned with bobby heugel from anvil and me. ME!

show two first aired last night, again twice today, and tomorrow at 9AM and 6PM. tune into 1560 AM or stream it live from their website. if you haven't been able to catch it and can't wait until tomorrow to tune in, i have the podcast links for you here. there are three segments and i promise the show gets funnier and funnier with each click.

segment 1
segment 2
segment 3

after you listen in, please let the producers know how you feel. leave a comment here or send an email or tweet to lance zierlein. the show will eventually find a permanent time slot on saturday. i'll keep you updated on that! the show is now accepting advertisers too (contact lance for more info). and i'm happy to announce that i've already been invited back to do another show!


Gracie Cavnar said...

Jenny, when will the have Southbound featured on the The Game website . . .not finding it!

neverfull said...

@gracie cavnar - no idea when they will officially add southbound food to the radio's website. i'll keep you posted.

@anonymous - i deleted your comment but have passed your sentiments on. it was an honest mistake and appropriate steps will be taken to correct those offended. thank you for sharing.

Whole Fish said...

One thing I am sure of: once I open my mouth, chances are that my foot will be inserted shortly after.

It was brought to my attention that, on the most recent Southbound Food show, I made a terrible mistake. When Jenny Wang mentioned the restaurant, Himalaya, I quickly jumped in and talked about my affection for their food and the owner’s hospitality. I also said how wonderful Pakistani food is because it uses proteins that are forbidden in traditional Indian dishes. However, I specifically said pork curries when I meant to say beef curries.

Despite the fact that I know that the Islamic religion forms the basis of Pakistani cuisine and, despite the fact that I know Pakistanis are forbidden to eat pork and, despite the fact that I respect these religious laws and do not take them lightly, I still mis-spoke. I realize how much my error could offend listeners; I could do nothing about the first broadcast but I have had my mistake corrected on the taped version of the show that is being re-broadcast and is also available on-line.

I know that this will probably not be the last time I make a mistake on radio but I sincerely regret my error and I apologize for offending listeners. I certainly will do my best not to make a similar mistake in the future.


Bryan Caswell

Anonymous said...

why am I not surprised that the only word you capped was ME

Anonymous said...

so someone got upset about religion and now caz is all touchy feely, so sorry that i might offend any religion? this is silly. first, i'd venture that 1560 has no more than a handful of listeners. but more importantly, religion ought to be open to criticism and disrespect. if I informed you that i got my cooking skills from the tooth fairy, you'd be right to laugh and call me a nut case. if i said they were divinely inspired by god, you'd offer me 'respect'. sorry, dude, don't get worked up about religion, most civilised places are discarding it while we languish in it here

neverfull said...

@anonymous - REEF is also capitalized ;)

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