live uni demo & dinner

not really like me to brag about a dinner until after i've actually eaten it. this blog post comes sans tasty photos, only an insane menu!

randy rucker, executive chef at the rainbow lodge has planned an extraordinary dinner for the houston chowhounds next week. LIVE sea urchins (yes, with long black spines still moving and everything) are the guests of honor and will be flown in from santa barbara.
each human attendee gets his/her own sea urchin and randy will give us a lesson on how to open and clean it. afterwards, we'll cure the lovely, sweet roe and enjoy this all-uni, all-star menu!

7.15.09 live uni demo & degustation w/wine pairings

- uni popcorn – uni powder seasoned popcorn served during the demo (served in popcorn bags)

- live uni demo & tasting of live uni with olive oil, persimmon vinegar & chive

- raw uni with smoked miso & brown butter

- baby white geoduck clam & a vinaigrette made from uni, meyer lemon & caramel oil

- lots of different eggs both hot & cold

- almond gnocchi with caviar, coddled buttermilk & uni

- slow poached iowa pork belly seasoned with carbonized onion powder & then re-seared, creamed kimchee & uni toast

- sea urchin frozen yogurt & our papaya ceviche

- uni & white chocolate

this menu is totally *sick* right? 20 attendees max & there are still spots left. RSVP here.

and since we're on the subject of the rainbow lodge, have you read my review from last month's 002 magazine? here it is: page 1, page 2


jess said...

I'm really excited about the dinner! Mmmm, uni!!

Hm, should I bring my DSLR or would that be too much?

neverfull said...

@jess - i always eat with camera in tow. mine is a bit smaller, but who cares? you're with your own kind here!

jess said...

haha, i usually bring my point-and-shoot everywhere, but i get a little shy with the dslr!! i might just bring both and decide which one to use there. =)

linda said...

i followed this link from jess. funny because she's the first person i think of when i think uni. i love this site. i love to eat and am always looking for places from Houston. Also I liked comparing experiences. i just discovered Feast last time i was in Houston and this weekend, I'll be trying grasshoppers at Hugo's. I also read about your last event at Beaver's. Have you been to T'afia, Monica Pope's other restaurant?

ack. you've made me hungry and I just ate.

i'll be following you :) great site!

pavlita said...

jenny, are the chowhounds accepting new members? i applied a few days ago and i'm dying to read the postings and want to make sure i am able to buy tix to the pork belly event!

can't wait for your review of the uni tasting!


Nosmo King said...


i have a friend who is interested in the demo and dinner. are there still spots left? how much is it to participate? i tried clicking on the link but it took me to the yahoo homepage and i don't have a yahoo account. is there another way to rsvp?


jess said...

FYI-- it's $100 for the dinner $135 for dinner with wine pairings.

Also, Houston chowhounds is an open group!

Linda-- I'm planning on going to t'afia for lunch soon! =D (Jenny, you're welcome to join if you'd like! Are you available for lunch anytime?)

neverfull said...

@linda - yes i've been to t'afia a few times, but not in awhile.

@pavlita - did you receive a membership survey when you subscribed? i need you to send that back and voila! you're a member.

@nosmo king - you don't need a yahoo email address to join yahoo groups. you need to set up a userid and you can link it to any email address you want. and yes, there are still spots left for the uni dinner. jess covered the prices.

@jess - i'd be up for lunch in august. this month is crazy but i'll see you at RL next wk, right?

jess said...

Yep! See ya next week! =)

pavlita said...

jenny - i answered about how often i want to receive updates and wrote in a box in 200 chars or less why i want to be a chowhound. is that the survey you're talking about? i didn't receive a survey in an email....hmmm. i think i'll try it again.

look out for pauline huen.

pavlita said...

hmm...it's saying that my membership is pending the approval from the group owner. can you check and see if you have any pending requests? if you don't see any, i'll try retracting my membership request and start again.

neverfull said...

@pavlita - i'm emailing you the membership survey. it seems that some people don't always get it. not sure if it's a yahoo groups issue or it's getting flagged as spam.

aa said...


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