beijing olympics closing ceremonies - part 1

fung's kitchen
7320 southwest fwy # 115 nr. bellaire

to commemorate the end of the beijing summer olympics, the houston chowhounds and i hit the streets of chinatown twice on sunday. the events were even scheduled so we could take a nap in between AND be home to watch the broadcast of the real closing ceremonies in beijing. first, dim sum at fung's kitchen. it was already packed by 11 am.

we started with pretty standard dim sum fare...

siu mai (listed as "fung's steamed shrimp & pork dumpling"

har gau (list as "steamed shrimp dumpling")

chinese "broccoli w/ oyster sauce"

"steamed beef ball"- was okay

"steam bbq pork bun"

congee (listed as "rice soup/pork egg")

"deep fried taro puff" - really good, but greasy

inside the deep fried taro puff is ground pork

shrimp cheong fun (listed as "steam shrimp rice noodle") - i love the sweet soy sauce this is served in

"steam pork spare ribs w/ black bean sauce"- my favorite dim sum dish

"steam shrimp balls with sticky rice"

"sticky rice w/ meat wrap lotus leaf"

view of inside the lotus leaf (chicken, chinese sausage, black mushroom, ground pork) - yum

"chicken feet with black bean sauce"

then the interesting stuff came by. we passed on pig ears but we did order...

chicken feet with sweet & spicy sauce (cold)- firm and gelatinous, not my favorite preparation

bean curd skin with cilantro (cold) - love it!

conch & cucumber salad - delish

duck chins - big tease. the little bit of meat on there was so difficult to get at.

this is what our table looked like and...

this is what our bill looked like so far...

but we still had to check out the hot food stall where we ordered...

duck feet with black mushrooms

spicy fried chicken wings

pig's feet in ginger vinegar sauce

then the dessert cart came by... (or one of them anyway)

these little "pears" were filled with lotus seed paste

"french egg pudding"

these birdies were filled with yellow bean paste

mango pudding

next up, part 2 is peking duck dinner at peking cuisine...


Ruthie Johnson Miller said...

I'm so sad I missed this :( Stupid, stupid wine.

Anonymous said...

looks delicious!! but what about the steamed tripe in ginger sauce (niu bai ye)?? that's one of my personal favorites along w/ chang fun :)

neverfull said...

@ anonymous - tripe never came by. i think the chowhounds would have ordered it. i think it was one of the only animal parts we didn't have at the table!

Unknown said...

god, why do i always miss the awesome chowhounds food fests!?! damn vacations always getting in the way of good houston chinese food :(

Anonymous said...

I loved all the pictures and the descriptions! Like being there all over again... :) Finally got my own review up over at Houstonist today. Damn work being all demanding and wanting me to actually work. :P

Anonymous said...

Watch out your bill, they even hidding the price of medium size dishes, and almost all dishes are medium and up!

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