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au petit paris
2048 colquitt st nr. shepherd.

from the moment i walked in, i knew i was in for a treat....

foie gras terrine (yes, that is a strip of fat on top), belgium endive dressed in balsamic vinaigrette, balsamic reduction & EVOO. served with a thick slice of toasted brioche and housemade country bread.
notes: very creamy. balsamic balanced the fattiness of the foie nicely. endive was appreciated separately but didn't really connect with the terrine. very, very good. better than le mistral's.

frog legs "sautéed en persillade, zest of lemon juice"
notes: expected to see much more parsley from the persillade. generous portion however the sauce tasted watered down. would not order again.

off menu special: black cod crusted with macadamia nuts over asparagus carnoli risotto and white corn. deep fried basil leaf garnish.
notes: delicious dish, beautifully composed flavors. loved the crispness and sweetness of fresh white corn.

roasted rack of lamb served over creamy polenta and baked provencal tomato
notes: lovely char on lamb, polenta served like cafeteria style mashed potatoes was cute with au jus, the tomato was naturally sweet but a little too mushy.

lemon sorbet over fresh berries.

notes: sorbet was nice and not usually served like this. our waiter said he made it extra pretty since he knew i was going to take a photo. usually served on a tain tartin. don't know what that is but anything tartin sounds delicious to me.

we shared desserts with our neighbors. this is what they ordered...

crepes “au petit paris” served with vanilla ice cream and hot chocolate sauce
notes: scoop of ice cream wrapped in a crepe like a beggar's purse. cute presentation. was good but nothing mindblowing.

2006 domaine de la rossignole "cuvée vieilles vignes" sancerre $48. i'm a sucker for sancerre and this one was one of the best i've had. crisp, refreshing, great fruit. retails for $25 at spec's.

restaurant notes: the attitude is as authentic as the food. first we asked our server if we could move to a 4 top once a table got up and his reply was, "sorry but we aren't setting any more tables tonight." i was a little shocked. my friend and i were sitting at a tiny 2 top in the middle of the restaurant and later when our appetizers arrived our table was completely overtaken by just the plates involved in those 2 dishes. the waiter came back and apologized for his response earlier and moved us to the table in the corner immediately. perhaps, he thought i was someone important since i was snapping photos of all the food as it came out.

chef dominique visited the table after he sent our waiter over to ask why i was taking photos. he seemed somewhat threatened by me. even so, i appreciated chatting with him. he walked over to another table as well afterwards and we heard him give the same schpeel about teaching at johnson & wales in providence, RI before moving to houston. we were told chef eric was in the house too that evening but we didn't even catch a glimpse of him even as the restaurant was winding down.

fyi, they have recently changed their hours of operation. the restaurant now seats their last table at 9 pm on weeknights even though they have not updated this info on their website.


Food Princess said...

They have been on my radar for a while. I almost feel like I got to eat there with your closeup pictures and descriptions.

Anonymous said...

thats where i went to school. when was he there?

neverfull said...

@ rr - he said he's been in houston 3 - 4 years now. i can't remember if he said he did a stint on the west coast too before heading to houston. he taught a class that was called something and sugar.

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