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yes, it appears as if i've fallen off the map. it seems i've been MIA for 2 months, but really i've been all over the place if you've just known where to look.


if you've been following me on twitter it's likely you know more about my whereabouts than just about anyone.

micro-blogging is my newest obsession. tweets (twitter jargon for posts) must fall within the rigid requirement of 140 characters or less and in exchange for abiding by this criteria, i have almost instant feedback from those who follow me. there are more than a few handfuls of houches and local food personalities who are twitter active and i just love knowing what they are eating or cooking at the moment.

also, i've been playing with the fairly new concept of live-blogging meals using brightkite. it's simple really. i check in at a restaurant, then i upload notes or photos of dishes i'm eating in real-time using my blackberry. these photos and comments auto-post to twitter and my followers can follow along and virtually dine with me responding with comments or questions of their own.

in the past 30 days, i have live-blogged full meals at the following list of restaurants (starting with most current). you can find the juicy details on my brightkite page.

  1. sasaki japanese
  2. hiro's yakko-san (miami)
  3. sra. martinez (miami)
  4. enriqueta's sandwich shop (miami)
  5. grand opening party of chez roux (conroe)
  6. vernon's kuntry katfish (conroe)
  7. chez roux @ la torretta del lago resort (conroe)
  8. beaucoup wings
  9. houston rodeo BBQ cookoff
  10. chez nous (humble)
  11. killen's steakhouse (pearland)

002 magazine

when i'm not tweeting, chances are i'm eating or writing for 002 magazine. the DineWrite column which features one restaurant a month is now a page and a half. i want to get down to all the delicious details and convinced the magazine that i needed 800+ words to do so. here are links to the last three dinewrites:

i've also taken over the new restaurants column in the magazine where 3-4 recently opened restaurants get pint-size reviews each month.

  • feb issue: tradicao brazilian & cielo: page 1
  • mar issue: benjy's on washington, crave sushi, little big's: page 1


i'm the new food blogger for free press houston CUIZINE. i haven't been focusing nearly enough time there as i should be, but my blogging will focus on cheap eats including some of the best ethnic hole-in-the-walls in the country which just happen to be in our own fair city. various members of the houston chowhounds will also be guest writers on the blog. if you haven't, ch-ch-check it out.

juli b

lastly, i'm also writing for modern luxury's e-zine called juli b. i write the eats column which is distributed on the last thursday of every month which highlights restaurants with newly opened doors or those coming soon. i'll also write full features on restaurants from time to time.

catch up with me on juli b:

  • feb eats: benjy's on washington, crave, little big's
  • swell swill: feature on anvil bar (which incidentally opened last night!)

if you aren't a subscriber, you should be. click me. if you have restaurant news for me, please send it to imneverfull@gmail.com

so enough self-promotion already. i promise to have a really meat and guts blog posting here soon.

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