i haz awards

here are some thank you's and shout outs for awards we (that's me and my blog) received recently. i am seriously flattered that others enjoy my ramblings and most of all it has made all the calories consumed (and there have been thousands upon thousands of them) over the past year well worth it.

Where's my Damn Answer?: DAMN GOOD BLOG AWARD - fellow chowhound Jody aka "jodycakes" is a contributing writer for this ridiculously entertaining blog based out of LA.

I've Got the Munchies by Cory Crow: Houston "Foodie" of the Year - "Jenny of I'm Never Full. And, judging by how much she's eaten, she's not lying either. Jenny is the driving force behind the exploding food movement in Houston known as the Chowhounds. Her organization and promotion of the Miracle Berry Tripping Party at the Social was so effective this, quite possibly was the most covered food event of the year."

Houston Foodie: Best Food Writing: Dec 2008 - "i'm never full blog: A luxurious photo essay and comprehensive write-up of a recent Houston restaurant visit." this was earned from my review of rainbow lodge that also attracted a blog troll in the process. thanks chris who also blogs over at the "eating our words" houston press food blog.

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