super secret supper club

okay, maybe not so super secret anymore.

if you can't get a seat, blame ms. alison cook. the word is out. which isn't necessarily a bad thing except that it will be even harder getting one of the coveted seats at the dinner table now. there is a dinner going down tonight, if you want to go, can't hurt to try asking. if chef randy rucker says it's full, ask him if you can still come if you bring your own chair. the dinners are very casual. you'll get some of the most top-notch grub in your life, but w/o the stuffy service and ambiance. tenacity supper clubs feel like a private dinner amongst friends. it's BYOW and most of the attendees are good at sharing too.

after my experience at the first tenacity dinner, i could hardly wait for this day to arrive. here are some photos from the tenacity supper club dinner i attended last weekend. photo credits all go to ronny rucker.

california abalone, pickled watermelon rind, marigold mint, & caramelized miso (served with dashi foam on top)

chilled geoduck clam, sudachi, corn juice & tiny basil leaves

egg salad, hijiki & crispy potatoes

pacific sea urchin roe, bread & butter pudding & preserved garlic scapes

balsamic sponge cake, lavender, brown fig & local chevre puree

again, not a thing disappointed. super friendly and casual tone for the evening, lots of patter with randy, great conversation with other dinner guests. chowhound stephanie even brought a bottle of 88 chateau lafite rothschild to share with everyone. fellow food bloggers anonymouseater and food princess were also in attendence.

the next supper clubs are tonight, wed, 8/6, and wed, 8/27. check out randy's blog for menus.


HeaAndrews said...

I really enjoy your blog. Is there a set price on the "secret" supper club menus? I checked the site and couldn't locate them. At the risk of being tacky, though I'd ask.


neverfull said...

@ heaandrews - most of them are a$60 suggested donation. they can be higher, for example if there is a guest dessert chef or wine pairing that night. best thing to do is shoot randy an email to ask.

$60 for 7 courses is an amazing value. you'll understand once you experience it for yourself.

Food Princess said...

I hope this publicity helps introduce more Houstonians To Randy's food. He deserves it.

ladyflash said...

hello neverfull, I am The Texas Huntress...JJ Jones and Bryan Caswell are starring in the first episode of my new docu-series by my name. I need to get in touch, how can i reach you? ashley@ladyflash.com

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