shake shack webcam

please please please don't tell me that i dreamt that shake shack was coming to houston. i could have sworn danny meyer's enterprise responsible for eleven madison park, gramercy tavern (both awesome), and union square cafe (overrated) were bringing their yummy goods to downtown houston, but i can't find any info about it anywhere on google.

view their real-time shack cam in madison square park. i used to live 2 blocks away and boy could this shack cam have come in handy back then! it's almost 8:30 PM there and look at all the people still standing in line! and in case you don't know, these people are in line for burgers, not their frozen custard based shakes. their burgers are definitely among the best of NY.

can anyone confirm my crazy delusion?


Anonymous said...

I haven't heard that, but I know the Lake House that Schiller-Del Grande opened down town was inspired by Shake Shack. (sans shakes)

neverfull said...

@justin - dang it. so maybe i just misunderstood?

Anonymous said...

There's going to be a Shake Shack and Blue Smoke at the new Shea Stadium, also one on the upper west side.

neverfull said...

@ lana- i hate you.
btw, when are you coming to visit?

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