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a lot of you may know me from posting on chowhound or eGullet. i've been known to post on a couple other sites too. my handle is neverfull. i can't believe how much time i spend posting restaurant reviews or comments and answering questions about all things food-related in houston. THAT is how food obsessed i really am. as a fun project i decided to scour the net looking for all the more extensive restaurant reviews i've written and find a common home for them. so that is how my blog was born.

all the reviews before this post are cut-paste-and-reformats from other sites. some of them have been supplemented with additional fuzzy photos. some stuff may be rereads to you, but everything from here out will be new material.

after aggregating all my foodie spew, i realize that i haven't written reviews on some of my favorite houston dining spots -- catalan, dolce vita, da marco, reef, tampico, himalaya, vic & anthony's all come to mind. i've eaten at these places on multiple occasions and look forward to writing something up for you guys. AND NOW i have legitimate reasons for going back to all these fine places in the near future.

please enjoy!

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