beaver's got nuts

2310 decatur st. near washington ave

11/30/07 review

i made it to beaver's for lunch today. it's been a really long time since my first visit. i'm attempting to eat healthy this week (detoxing from last weekend's binge) so i came to try beaver's nut burger. i doubt it was lo-cal, but it was delicious. the menu describes it as "a protein bomb with Texas brown rice, cashews, walnuts, herbs, cheddar cheese & spices." it was a tad greasy and the patty fell apart quite easily. it was served with a miso-mustard on the side, which i had to remind them to bring. the sauce was wonderfully flavorful and creamy. i wondered if there was mayo in it, but the kitchen confirmed the absence of any. i asked for a side salad instead of the chips it came with. the chips came to the table anyway (annoying b/c then i had to restrain myself from eating them) and the side salad came in a little dish that the sides normally come in. the simple salad was dressed with vinaigrette. they charged me a $2 substitution charge, which normally i wouldn't mind, but i didn't even touch it b/c it was tasteless and boring.

the three guys with me all ordered the sloppy pork sandwich. the guys all enjoyed their sandwiches which came with a side of coleslaw. the slaw brought back some unpleasant memories of my previous visit and i noticed it went untouched for the most part. 2 of them also got sides of mac and cheese. one of my friends claimed it was the best mac & cheese in town, so i had to try it. it is very strange looking. orrechiette pasta in cheese sauce topped with chunky cooked tomatoes and croutons. it was pretty good.

one of my friends also ordered the sweet potato fries to start with. they came to the table glistening with grease. they looked soggy. it was easy to pass on them. they were served with the same miso-mustard that my nut burger was served with. guy friend looked like he enjoyed it anyway.

service was pretty terrible even though the restaurant was slow and our server was very chatty. but the food was much better than my first visit. btw, i confirmed that they only serve ribs at lunch on thursdays. i'll be back again soon with some houston chowhounds next week. i'll try to bring back some photos of actual bar-be-que.

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Anonymous said...

This place is horrible

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