vieng thai

6929 long point rd. b/w silber & antoine

i had dinner at vieng thai last night and went back today with an out of town guest who i knew would enjoy VT, so i enjoyed 2 back to back meals there. vieng thai sits in a old, run-down shopping center. it's very easy to drive by and miss the restaurant completely. once inside, you feel transported into a thai family's living room. a tv was set up with a/v equipment and what appeared to be a karaoke system. there was also a disco ball hung on the wall. i could just imagine this restaurant turning into a thai karaoke and disco after the restaurant closed for the owner's friends and family.

here is a list of the dishes i had during my 2 trips there and my comments:

e-sarn sausage - both robb walsh and alison greene recommended this app. it was served cold with peanuts, cilantro, lime, chiles, and white cabbage. i did not care for it.

fried chicken wings - dinner companion ordered them last night. as expected, they were tasty and crispy with no heavy battering. nothing unique about them.

tom kha gai - excellent, delicate soup. i was surprised how good it was. it had just the right balance of coconut milk and broth.

som tum - thai style, green papaya salad. wow! fantastic dish and very memorable. perfect spicy kick.

gang keaw whan - green curry chicken. had this last night but they left out the eggplant. the sauce was very soupy. wasn't wild about it. i'll pass on this next time.

panaeng chicken - preferred this thick, rich curry sauce. looking forward to trying the massamum next time.

pad grapraow crispy pork - tasty dish, but when we ordered it last night, they brought it with ground pork in it. i was expecting pork belly, but they ran out and didn't bother to let us know in advance. i'll have to try again on another visit.

plaa pad ped- crispy catfish in curry paste. very lovely with deep fried whole basil leaves. highly recommend this too.

kee mao noodle- a favorite at the table last night. would have been better if it were spicier.

chinese broccoli - better than any chinese broccoli that i've had in chinese restaurants.

the restaurant dumbed down the spice level for us non-thai diners. i wasn't sure how much heat my lunch guest could have handled, so i told them to make our lunch a little spicer than usual. it didn't seem to make a difference. on my next visit, i will ask for "thai spicy" and see what i get.

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